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Fact-Check: Tucker Carlson Falsely Claims Stacey Abrams Made Up Details About Rayshard Brooks Shooting

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson falsely accused Stacey Abrams of making up the claim that the two Atlanta police officers involved in the Rayshard Brooks shooting “knew he only had a taser” in his hand when he was shot in the back.

After security footage of the killing went viral and fueled more nationwide unrest over racial injustice and police brutality, an additional video of the stop showed the two cops talking for over 40 minutes with Brooks and then physically searching him before attempting to arrest him. On Wednesday, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard confirmed that Brooks had no weapons on him when searched in his announcement of 11 charges including felony murder on now-former police officer Garrett Rolfe, who shot Brooks twice in the back as he tried to flee arrest.

In addition, Howard pointed out in the Wednesday press conference that the taser Brooks stole from one of the officers and aimed back at Rolfe presented no threat: “We have also concluded that Rolfe was aware that the Taser in Brooks’ possession,” Howard noted, “it was fired twice, and once it’s fired twice, it presented no danger to him or to any other persons.”

Carlson did not mention any of these relevant details to his viewers, however.

“Stacey Abrams, who pretends to be the governor of Florida, despite losing that office, and many other Democratic officeholders tell us that officer Rolfe deserves to face execution because Rayshard Brooks only had a taser,” Carlson said, mistakenly identifying Abrams as having run for governor in Florida instead of Georgia.

The Fox News show then aired a clip of Abrams on ABC, calling the incident an “excessive use of force.” Abrams then pointed out Brooks was shot despite the fact that both of the officers involved “knew [Brooks] only had a taser in his hands.”

“They didn’t know he only had a taser in his hand,” Carlson incorrectly said in response to the clip, before falsely accusing Abrams of manufacturing a fact that has been verified by the Atlanta police as well as the county district attorney. “Stacey Abrams is making that up as she often does make things up.”

Carlson then went into a history lesson of tasers being treated as weapons “to kill,” not “harmless toys.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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