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FAIL: Jon Stewart Unsuccessfully Tries To Mine Comedy From Anderson Cooper Attack

Regular readers of Mediaite know that we are pretty big fans of the media criticism and satirical news stylings of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. But yesterday’s praise does not mean that Stewart is beyond reproach, and we’ll call out a stinker when we see it. Take for example on last night’s show in which the “fake” newsman feebly tried to find humor in yesterday’s reported attack on CNN’s Anderson Cooper by pro-Mubarak protesters. Really?

Stewart has proven that he has a keen eye for knowing when to make with the funny and when to go earnest, evidenced most recently with his first show that followed the tragic shooting of Gabrielle Giffords. In no way would anyone reasonably suggest that Cooper getting roughed up is even close to the Tuscon tragedy, but Cooper and co. are doing great, risk-taking work in Cairo. They deserve better than a (literal) Kathy Griffin punch line.

If Stewart wants to make fun with any kind of journalism at a time like this, perhaps it should be his own low-risk variety. Or perhaps we should thank him for reminding us the difference between a fake newsman and a real one.

Watch the clip from Comedy Central below:

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