Fair And Balanced For The Holidays! Fox & Friends Presents The Atheist Christmas Coloring Book

For everyone who didn’t feel like spreading the message of state’s rights this holiday season with the Tea Party coloring book, but still wanted your kids to spend Christmas coloring people purple and adding in dinosaurs (or whatever the heck it is kids do with coloring books), the weekend hosts of Fox & Friends are presenting an alternative: The Atheist Christmas Coloring Book! Some of you are probably wondering how connecting atheism and Christmas could possibly make any sense. Well, just remember, it makes about as much sense as connecting atheism to Fox & Friends.

Alisyn Camerota and Dave Briggs were joined by Rick Marazzani, the creator of the book, as he tried to explain how his book can help children celebrate Christmas. Or, I guess, just Mas, right? Right?

You know what…I can’t do it. I can’t make snarky comments here. This was just kind of a sweet little segment. Good on Fox & Friends for having Marazzani on and letting him say his piece. Good on Marazzani for making the book and sounding like a good, rational guy. Good on everyone for remembering that Christmas is a great time of year, whether you think of it as a time to celebrate a guy named Jesus or just a day you get to relax and be with the people you love.


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