Faisal Shahzad Asked Police For Constructive Criticism On His Bomb-Making

Given reports from authorities, it sounds like failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad just won’t shut up. He was quick to admit guilt once caught, and the latest is that he apparently feels comfortable enough to gripe to police about his “modern” wife and even “beg” investigators to explain to him what went wrong with his creation.

As Fox News’ Shepard Smith and Jonathan Hunt explain, today was quite a day for the Shahzad investigation– an individual arrested in Massachusetts in relation to Shahzad, Aftab Khan, was found to have Shahzad’s number in his phone, despite attorneys claiming he had never heard the name before his arrest. Meanwhile, Shahzad himself continued his chatty demeanor with investigators, begging for an explanation into what went wrong– they finally told him that he used wrong kind of fireworks and non-explosive fertilizer– and talking about his wife, a “bad Muslim” currently in Pakistan, in detail.

The report below:

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