Fake Chef Pranks TV Morning Show Anchors with Totally Awful Recipes

If anyone living in Wisconsin or Illinois turned on their TV during the holiday season and saw a chef making a mashed potato ice cream cone with corn sprinkles and gravy fudge, you finally have an explanation: it’s an elaborate prank, set up by Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, to promote their upcoming Found Footage Festival.

Armed with a fake cookbook to promote, Prueher’s character “Chef Keith Guerke” got booked on five morning shows throughout the Midwest to demonstrate, on live TV, creative things to do with holiday leftovers. In this case, though, “creative things” = throw ham and pie into a blender for smoothies, and “holiday leftovers” = day-old KFC takeout. Surprisingly — at least just from watching this compilation — the reporters don’t crack, gag, or vomit, probably because they were desperate to fill airtime with holiday programming.

[h/t Deadspin]
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