Fake Reporter Pranks BP Presser In The Name Of ‘The Kidd Chris Radio Show’

Oh, those enterprising morning zoo radio show hosts, where would we be without them? For some reason, someone decided to disguise themselves as a USA Today reporter to prank call today’s BP press conference announcing the end of Top Kill, and asked BP COO Doug Suttles about “The Kidd Chris Show,” a shock jock morning show based in Portland, Oregon.

This is a classic comparable to the time “Nicolas Sarkozy” called Sarah Palin, or those Miami guys got to Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Taking a call from a reporter via phone, Suttles and company listened intently as “John Roberts” from USA Today asked the following:

“How are you guys doing today? I appreciate all the hard work you’re doing. Is any of this mud being pumped out of The Kidd Chris Radio Show’s ass? I mean, Kidd Chris out of Portland, Oregon? Are you familiar with that? Let’s talk about the Kidd Chris Show, radio.”

At this point, the conference conveniently ended and reporters and BP representatives alike scuttled away awkwardly, looking confused. Whether the caller was actually Kidd Chris himself or a passionate fan is still unknown, as this happened moments ago.

Video of the prank below:

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