Fake TV News Producer Arrested for Scamming Businesses

Police say a Florida woman was posing as a TV news producer in order to dupe local businesses out of large sums of money.

Miami resident Jessie Alexander was arrested on Tuesday, charged with an “organized scheme to defraud” and four counts of “obtaining property by false personation.” Her scam involved telling Palm Beach business owners that, in exchange for a “one-time fee,” she would feature them on a made-up program called “Best of the Palm Beaches.”

Telling businesses that the show would air on WFLX FOX 29, she was apparently able to finagle thousands of dollars, telling the victims her show would get them up to $47,000 worth of publicity. The plot was uncovered after one real estate firm complained to police after their “show” had not aired, and a refund was refused, months after paying Alexander.

Police investigators discovered several other Palm Beach businesses that had fallen prey to Alexander’s scheme, leading to her arrest this week.

[h/t FTVLive / WPBF]
[image via Palm Beach police]

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