Fall in Love With the Sign Language Interpreter at Ebola Press Conference


This man, who served as the sign language interpreter at Mayor Bill DeBlasio‘s press conference addressing New York City’s first Ebola patient, has officially entered the annals of NYC sign language interpreter history.

He’s dramatic. His face takes on a spectrum of expressions. His hands jab forcefully, to convey the gravity of the situation. He has long hair and looks like he’s begging to be spoofed on SNL.

Watch below via NBC:

And the internet loves him, wondering whether he’s Penn Jilette or fat Dave Grohl:

Of course, there are some truthers who wondered if the man was making up stuff (though their suspicion is not without precedent):

Quite helpfully, this high school teacher has a video teaching people how to say “Ebola” and “quarantine” in ASL :

[Image via screenshot/Oren Yaniv]

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