Fallon Warned Christie About Springsteen Bit, Christie ‘Couldn’t Bring Himself’ to Watch It

Looks like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie only likes criticism when it’s not directed at him.

Jimmy Fallon called the governor, in the midst of a widening scandal about political retribution, to warn him of the Bruce Springsteen “Born to Sit in Traffic” parody before it aired last week. Fallon gave Christie the heads up in part because Christie had been on the show before.

“I let Chris Christie know that we were gonna do it,” Fallon said Sunday. “And I said the silver lining: Bruce Springsteen says your name.” Christie is a vocal Springsteen fan, but has never gotten any love back from the New Jersey Democrat.

According to the New York Times, Christie wasn’t able to watch the bit:

The governor could not bring himself to watch the traffic jam-themed parody of “Born to Run” sung by his idol, Bruce Springsteen, on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” though he was told by his college-age son, Andrew, that it was funny.

Watch the Fallon/Springsteen bit below, via NBC:

[h/t The Wrap, Gawker]

[Image via AP]

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