Family Guy Has Known Caitlyn Jenner Is a Woman Since 2009

The world may have been introduced to Caitlyn Jenner this week, but all the way back in 2009, Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin confidently declared that the man then known as Bruce Jenner was a woman.

In one clip that is making the rounds again this week, Stewie remarks of Brody Jenner, “I can’t believe that came out of Bruce Jenner’s vagina.” When Brian points out that Bruce Jenner is a man, Stewie replies, “No, Brian, that’s what the press would have you believe, but he is not. Bruce Jenner is a woman. An elegant, beautiful, Dutch woman.”

Watch video below, via Fox:

Then, two years later, Jenner appeared on the show once again as a feminine, dancing model for a group of horny sailors. “Just wanted to remind you fellas what you’re all fighting for,” Peter Griffin says in the clip.

Watch video below, via Fox:

Did Seth MacFarlane and the rest of the Family Guy writers actually know something more about Jenner before the rest of us? Or were they just inferring something about Jenner’s gender based on appearance and affect alone? While the joke may have seemed harsh at the time, in retrospect it is remarkably prescient.

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