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Family Research Council Co-Founder’s ‘Rentboy’ Speaks On Anderson Cooper 360º

Buried under the avalanche of breaking news last week was a scandal surrounding anti-gay activist and co-founder of the Family Research Council George Rekers, who definitely hired a gay male escort from “” to help him with luggage and is suspected of hiring a gay male escort for “sexual massages.” Last night, the escort, Lucien, spoke to CNN’s Randi Kaye about his experience with Rekers and whether he thinks Rekers is gay.

Lucien didn’t speak much to the cameras, but claimed that, aside from his duties handling luggages, Rekers asked him for “sexual massages,” although they did not have sex, and Rekers did not ask him for it. What Rekers did as for, Lucien, noted, was for him to keep silent about the massage part of his contract, which he has obviously, since then, not done. Asked if he thinks Rekers is gay, Lucien said that the topic had come up but that Rekers had insisted to him that he was, in fact, not, but Lucien expressed interest in being his friend and helping him cope with his issues with homosexuality.

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