‘Fancy New Digs’: CNN’s Kate Bolduan, Chris Cuomo Usher In A New Day With Their Morning Show Debut

It’s a New Day at CNN — as the network, with the help of Alicia Keys, has been reminding us for some time now. Kate Bolduan and Chris Cuomo, alongside Michaela Pereira, made their morning show debut on Monday, with a few butterflies but “feeling good.”

The show is all about “big news,” Cuomo told viewers — with today’s example being new polling showing President Obama‘s slipping approval rating. The first day of the show, which replaced Starting Point anchored by Soledad O’Brien, included a span of stories ranging from Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s “Super Bowl Ring Smackdown” to an interview with GOP Rep. Eric Cantor.

Sitting at the center of a brightly lit set that screams “wake up,” the hosts touted their “fancy new digs.”

“Just when I thought it couldn’t get more exciting, you hear James Earl Jones saying your name,” Cuomo excitedly added.

The morning show shuffle has been the topic of much speculation since Jeff Zucker took over as the network’s president. Viewers should expect, per executive producer Jim Murphy, “a very busy, energetic, story filled and information filled, fast moving, interesting morning news program.” While Murphy refrained from calling it a “reinvention,” he emphasized they’re “taking it very seriously.”

Over time, the show will continue to evolve. As Bolduan told Deadline, “Day one is not going to look like day one hundred and one.”

A clip of their intro below, via CNN:

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