Fareed Zakaria: As Democrats ‘Mirror Stubbornness And Extremism Of Tea Party’ Super Committee Will Deadlock

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria is not optimistic that the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, the much publicized “Super Committee” from the debt deal, will be able to achieve any type of “super” results. Instead, Zakaria predicts a compromise will be virtually impossible as both political parties are now likely to dig their heels in even deeper on their positions, with the economy suffering as a result.

Zakaria cautions “Democrats have decided that they now need to mirror the stubbornness and extremism of the Tea Party.” Therefore as Democrats repeat their mantra of “no cuts to entitlements” and as Republicans refuse to abort their belief in “no new taxes,” Zakaria predicts deadlock is on the horizon. “We all know the only solution to our long-term debt problem is cuts in entitlements and new taxes.”

If a solution is not agreed to by the Committee, then the risk of cuts to defense spending and discretionary spending looms. And this is a guillotine that Zakaria is sure will fall. In the meantime, since nothing in the debt deal is “pro-growth” in Zakaria’s opinion, he has even more good news. The job picture will not improve, in fact it might even get worse.

Watch the clip from CNN below:

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