Fareed Zakaria Calls Rex Tillerson ‘The Most Ineffective Secretary of State in a Generation’

Last night on CNN, Fareed Zakaria spoke with Don Lemon last night about the ongoing tensions between President Trump and Rex Tillerson.

Bob Corker publicly said yesterday Trump shouldn’t “castrate” his own Secretary of State, and Zakaria was struck by the “colorful language” surrounding this administration thus far.

“It’s terrible for Tillerson, but it also signals something I think we’ve known,” Zakaria said. “There really does not seem to be any desire or impetus toward diplomacy in this administration.”

He continued:

“He is now, without any question to my mind, the most ineffective Secretary of State in a generation. Does he really want to go down with that written on his tombstone? I think it might be better to resign as a matter of principle, register that you think diplomacy is important. It’s unclear to me why he continues to––you know, he’s going to these foreign capitals. Nobody’s paying any attention to him because they know the President doesn’t pay any attention to him.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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