Fareed Zakaria Compares Current Israeli Conflict to Lead-Up to WWI

On CNN tonight, Fareed Zakaria said the current flaring of tensions in Israel (set off by the kidnapping and deaths of three Israeli teenagers discovered north of a Palestinian town) is incredibly worrisome and drew parallels to the lead-up to World War I in how both sides are escalating. Both sides have sworn revenge, and it doesn’t look like anyone will calm down any time soon.

Zakaria said there is pressure on Netanyahu to act from the Israeli right wing, and Hamas feels it needs to act too because right now it’s “losing out to more radical, more militant alternatives.”

And to him, that’s rather reminiscent of World War I.

“It almost reminds you, in a very small microcosm, of the events that led to World War I, when nobody rationally wanted a conflict but nobody could find a way to back down because they were being pushed by their internal dynamics.”

Zakaria said everyone’s trying to show they’re tough, which could have serious consequences if both sides continue to escalate.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

[image via screengrab]

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