Fareed Zakaria: Ground Zero Mosque’s Version Of Islam Is ‘Osama Bin Laden’s Nightmare’

In light of Fareed Zakaria‘s decision to return the ADL Hubert Humphrey First Amendment Award in protest of their opposition to the Ground Zero mosque, CNN has posted his comments on the matter from tomorrow’s edition of Fareed Zakaria GPS online. In the segment, Zakaria praises the imam behind the mosque, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf for promoting a version of Islam he calls “Osama Bin Laden‘s nightmare.”

Many of the points he makes in his commentary he has already written about in his letter to the ADL and in Newsweek, but among the new highlights in his segment is the conservative argument for the Ground Zero mosque: the fact that conservatives have, he explains, often promoted efforts “to fund moderates and delegitimize radical and violent Islam.” He also noted that it was not just a mosque, but a community center, and “if this community center were being built anywhere else in the world, chances are the US government would be funding it,” because its leaders were friendly to American interests.

Zakaria then praised the mosque’s leader, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, called his version of Islam “Osama Bin Laden’s nightmare,” and argued that “we should be encouraging such an islamic center, not demonizing it.” He also noted that the idea that the mosque would be offensive to 9/11 victims seems to ignore the fact that many of the victims of the attacks were muslim themselves, and the fact that people are victims, according to him, does not give them the right to prejudices. “Are irrational feelings, prejudices, hatreds ok because those expressing them are victims or see themselves as victims?,” he asked. “Will the ADL defend the rights of Palestinian ‘victims’ to be anti-semites?”

The video via CNN below:

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