Fareed Zakaria Says Trump Got ‘Played’ by North Korea ‘From the Start’

Late Friday night, it was reported that North Korea fired a number of short-range projectiles.

CNN  reported, citing South Korean sources:

The projectiles flew 70 to 200 kilometers (43 to 125 miles) before crashing into the sea, officials said, adding that both South Korean and US authorities were analyzing details for further insight. The launch took place around at 9:06 a.m. (8:06 p.m. ET Friday).

Responding to the news on Don Lemon‘s show, Fareed Zakaria said the launch was another sign that President Donald Trump had been played.

“The North Koreans have essentially played Trump from the start,” he said. “I think they recognized that he thought he would be able to deliver a deal that would seem like a great peacemaker and maybe win a Nobel Prize. I’m not speculating, Trump has himself said most of this. He got Prime Minister Abe of Japan to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize for the supposed peace that could come about.”

He then said North Korea realized that they “could essentially get Trump to agree to a deal where they would not have to give up their nukes.”

He further noted it took Mike Pompeo and others to realize what was going on and make sure no deal took place.

Watch above, via CNN

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