Fareed Zakaria To Bill Maher: Is The Right Wing Living In A Mental Institution?

This week on Real Time with Bill Maher, panelists Fareed Zakaria, Rep. Darrell Issa, Dana Gould, and Washington DC Mayor Adrian Fenty discussed the right wing “echo chamber” and the rapid spread of rumors about the cost of President Obama‘s trip to India. They also took aim at the blogosphere, criticizing blogs for spreading the rumors and criticizing politicians such as Rep. Michele Bachmann for believing things they read on the internet. Said Maher:

“I saw this all over the right wing news-o-sphere yesterday, that Obama’s trip to India is costing $200 million a day, that 10% of the Navy is going with them…. it did come out of one blogger in India. It’s amazing to me now that people in politics, Michele Bachmann said this. Sharron Angle said Sharia law was taking hold in Texas. And when asked why, they say, oh, I read it somewhere.”

“This is a credible news source now: ‘I read some sh*t on the internet.’ Do you think the right wing lives in a bubble?” Maher asked the panel.

“Or a mental institution?” Zakaria shot back.

“One of the biggest challenges we’re facing is a decline in responsible journalism — journalism where if they make a mistake, they have to print an apology so to speak. That’s going away, and it’s hurting us,” said Rep. Darrell Issa. Watch below.

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