Father of Parkland Shooting Victim Rips Q Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘She is Depraved and She Needs to be Removed’


Fred Guttenberg, a gun activist and the father of Jamie Guttenberg, who was killed during the Parkland school shooting, railed against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) after the unearthed video he posted of her went viral. 

Guttenberg took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a video of Greene accosting survivor David Hogg just weeks after the Parkland school shooting, verbally attacking Hogg for at least 90 seconds regarding her Second Amendment rights.

Greene even claimed Hogg was being “paid to do this,” floating an incredibly dangerous theory that Hogg and his classmates were acting as the survivors of a massacre to advance a liberal political agenda.

The representative has even doubted the deaths of Parkland victims, including Jamie Guttenberg, forcing her father to promise he’ll provide proof that she was indeed killed on that day.

Explaining why he decided to repost the video nearly three years later, Guttenberg told CNN’s Brianna Keilar that he wanted House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to see it and take action.

“This congressperson has not yet disowned a single thing she’s said,” Guttenberg said. “By not doing that, she is saying she’s okay with people taking a bullet to the head, she’s okay with harassing kids, while she harassed David Hogg, she announced that she had a gun on her. She needs to be out of Congress and she needs to be out today.”

Guttenberg then went into the specifics of “red flag laws,” which Greene reprimanded Hogg for backing, and which legally allow law enforcement officers or family members to petition a state court to order the removal of firearms from anyone that may be a danger to themselves or to others.

“In the state of Florida, three weeks after Parkland, we passed red flag laws, and not a single legal, lawful gun owner, because she kept on mentioning the Second Amendment, has complained about red flag laws, because there is no impact on them,” Guttenberg said. “However, if Marjorie Taylor Greene lived in Florida, I suspect red flag laws could affect her. Her behavior, her comments are making her look like a threat to other people. She should have her weapons removed, and if she lived in Florida, I think that would be a possibility.”

Guttenberg later lamented the fact that the Republican Party is enabling people like Greene by putting them in positions of power, including in the House education committee.

“She has nothing of value to add. She has threatened kids. She has harassed kids. She is somebody who, honestly, should not be in the halls of Congress. She’s a threat to the members of Congress. She’s already said she wants to see bullets in some of their heads. She needs to be removed,” Guttenberg said, later adding, “We’re literally two and a half weeks away from three years, and the idea that this has to be coming up is horrific. She is depraved and she needs to be removed.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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