Fauci Blasts Ron Johnson for Accusing Him of Covid Fear-Mongering: ‘How Do You Overhype’ 780,000 Dead Americans?


Dr. Anthony Fauci hit back at Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) for claiming that the infectious disease expert is fear-mongering on the coronavirus — much as the senator believes Fauci similarly “overhyped” the AIDS epidemic decades ago.

Fauci spoke to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday about the spread of Omicron and his defense of America’s responding efforts to limit travel from Southern African countries. The infectious disease expert was asked for his response to Johnson’s insinuation that he is using fear of Omicron to maintain control over the American population, as he did when he “overhyped” AIDS.

“Fauci did the exact same thing with AIDS. He overhyped it. He created all kinds of fear, saying it could infect the entire population when it couldn’t, and he’s using the exact same playbook with Covid,” Johnson said to Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade.

Tapper immediately shot down the assertion as “bizarre and false,” and asked “How do you respond to something as preposterous as that?”

“Overhyping AIDS? It killed over 750,000 Americans and 36 million people worldwide. How do you overhype that?” Fauci exclaimed. “Overhyping Covid? It’s already killed 780,000 Americans and over 5 million people worldwide, so I don’t have any clue what he’s talking about.”

“I don’t think he does either,” Tapper dryly concluded.

As Mediaite’s Michael Luciano has already explained, “Public health officials have consistently said that the best way to combat the current pandemic is by vaccinating as many people as possible.” As for Johnson, he has repeatedly sown doubt over the efficacy of vaccines while pushing alternative treatments that are thought by most health officials to be less effective.

Watch above, via CNN.

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