FBN’s Gerri Willis Does Her Happy Dance On Air After Bank Of America Drops $5 Fee

In late September, FOX Business Network anchor Gerri Willis cut up her Bank of America card in protest over proposed five dollar fee for debit card users. After the bank announced that they would not be imposing the fee, Willis had her producers play “Celebration” as glitter was thrown and she did a little dance.

One problem: Willis promised to do a jig if BoA killed the fees, but instead pulled out something that disgruntled boyfriends who “haven’t had enough to drink yet” do at weddings — wave their arms a little, give a shake of the hip, and then abruptly stop as everyone around them keeps happily dancing. She claimed “the real jig is still to come,” but we’re not sure if that was a metaphor for more banks caving to consumer backlash.

Props at least go to producer Alex Reid for doing an emphatic twist and rocking the double-horned party hat in the background. And, to be fair to Willis, she likely stopped her dancing when she realized that the cash she keeps in her pockets, now that she has no debit card, would likely fly out if she kept shaking.

Enjoy video of Willis doing her fake jig below, courtesy of Fox Business News:

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