FBN’s Trish Regan Berates Dem Guest On Immigration: My Family ‘Escaped the Potato Famine!’

Things got heated on Fox Business Network this afternoon during a discussion on immigration reform, causing host Trish Regan to nearly lose it on Democratic senate candidate Michael Starr Hopkins, citing her family’s own Irish heritage.

“I think it’s interesting to now hear Republicans talking about breaking up families when family is supposed the most important thing for the Republican Party,” Hopkins said.

Regan did not let him finish that thought, interrupting the guest to make her own point about the senate hopeful painting Republicans with a broad brush.

“You’re inferring a lot there. We’re not talking about breaking up families here. That is not what the Republicans mentioned. They want to keep the immediate family unit together,” she said. “But do you need everybody else?”

Regan continued, saying “Just because you’re here, doesn’t mean you get to bring in your Aunt, your Uncle and everybody else.”

Hopkins then suggested that some immigrant families, such as the grandparents of President Donald Trump, did not immigrate to America based on a system of meritocracy, rather one tied to need.

“There was not a lottery system when my ancestors came here. My ancestors came here because there was a potato famine,” she said, seeming to almost make Hopkins’ point for him. “They sold everything that they owned, Michael Starr Hopkins, and they took a massive risk, because you know what? It was better than sticking it out in Ireland. They took that risk and they came here.”

Regan eventually conceded to Hopkins that the use of the term “chain migration” may be dehumanizing, instead suggesting “gigantic extended family member migration.”

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