‘F*ck All Y’all!’ Jon Stewart Goes on Epic Smackdown Against CNBC, FBN

Jon Stewart does not often dip into the shenanigans of the financial world, but when he does, it’s certainly something to see. And he set his sights Wednesday night on financial networks CNBC and Fox Business Network for their incredibly hyperbolic outrage over JP Morgan paying a settlement fine of $13 billion.

Business analysts are calling the settlement a “shakedown and a jihad.” Stewart took it one step further, suggesting “it’s like if the Holocaust had sex with slavery while the last ten minutes of Human Centipede watched!”

Stewart pointed out how JP Morgan anticipated potential litigation issues and set aside a rainy day fund. “And guess what? It’s raining, motherfucker!” He mercilessly mocked the two networks for their unqualified defense of anyone and everything in the business world, and ended the segment with an impassioned “Fuck all y’all!”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

[photo via screengrab]

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