Female Gun Rights Advocate To Congress: ‘Guns Make Women Safer’

On Wednesday, Gayle Trotter, a senior fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum, testified before a congressional panel on gun violence. She advocated for the proliferation of concealed carry laws as a means of reducing violent crime committed against women, saying that “guns make women safer.”

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Trotter began by relating the story of a woman whose home was invaded while she was alone with her children. She said that the woman used her personal firearm to incapacitate one of the attackers, forcing the other to flee.

“Guns make women safer,” Trotter said.

“The vast majority of violent criminals use their size and their physical strength to prey on women who are at a severe disadvantage,” Trotter continued. “Guns revers the balance of power.”

She said that concealed carry laws alter a criminal’s cost-benefit analysis and often force them to abandon a planned assault.

“Research shows that in jurisdictions with concealed carry laws, women are less likely to be raped or murdered than they are in states with more restrictions on gun ownership,” Trotter concluded.

Watch the testimony below via C-SPAN:

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