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Female Marine Tells Fox & Friends That Women Should Not Serve In Combat Role In Military

A female U.S. Marine appeared on Fox & Friends on Monday where she said that a combat role for women in the armed services would be dangerous for both those women and the military. She says she suffered irreversible medical maladies due to her combat training and fears more women will suffer from those conditions if the military is forced to put women on the front lines.

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Marine Corps Capt. Katie Petronio has been speaking out over the last week against women being integrated into frontline combat duty in the infantry.

Petronio said that women occupy a number of support roles in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, but she objects to being mandated to join combat duty on the frontlines by U.S. lawmakers.

“Females have definitely played a strong role in combat operations in a supporting capacity,” said Petronio. “My specific concern is opening up infantry for females.”

“The costs definitely outweigh the benefits,” Petronio continued. “It’s not going to help the individual and it’s not going to help the institution. We’re a war fighting institution and combat readiness needs to be at the front and foremost when we make decisions like this. I think this change isn’t going to benefit anybody.”

When asked why she felt that way by co-host Gretchen Carlson, Petronio said “there is a misconception outside the Marine Corps that preventing women from taking on these roles possibly restricts our opportunities for promotion. In the Marine Corps, men and women are promoted at the same rate.”

“The other question I present is longevity,” Petronio went on. “My concern, that I point out in my article, there’s these gender-specific medical concerns that come from opening these fields that I’m not so sure we’ve really thought about that.”

Petronio noted that there is also a higher cost burden associated with medical treatment for women in combat and asked “are we willing to pay the price for that?”

She said that she went through rigorous combat training and she endured “weight loss” and “muscle atrophy” and suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome which resulted in infertility. “It’s the type of combat environment these days is very strenuous and I was only doing a portion of what our infantry brothers do,” said Petronio.

She said that female service personnel will have no choice but to serve in combat if these new rules are adopted.

Watch the segment below via Fox News Channel:

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