Female Reporter Settles Discrimination Suit Against Fox News And Leaves Company

Fox News has reportedly settled a gender discrimination lawsuit levied upon them by Diana Falzone, a reporter who covered entertainment and issues related to sexual harassment for the network.

The suit alleged that Falzone was demoted upon writing a column about a medical condition she was suffering from called endometriosis. The painful disorder has a number of symptoms, including infertility, which Falzone alluded to in her column.

Actress Lena Dunham suffers from the same condition and announced solidarity with Falzone in May of last year, as she lay in a hospital bed.

There have been no details released regarding what kind of payout Falzone received from the network, but her attorney has confirmed that her employment at Fox News has been terminated, effective immediately.

“We resolved Diana Falzone’s case against Fox News and she no longer works there,” lawyer Nancy Erika Smith wrote.

Interestingly, Falzone is the reporter who allegedly broke the Stormy Daniels story, in which it was alleged that the porn star had an affair with President Donald Trump, with Fox News controversially shelving it just prior to the 2016 election.

Ken LaCorte, who ran when the story was supposedly shelved, pushed back on that characterization, arguing that there wasn’t nearly enough evidence to run the story.

“She had put up a story that just wasn’t anywhere close to being something I was comfortable publishing,” LaCorte told Mediaite.

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