Ferguson Police Chief: Officer Wilson Didn’t Know Michael Brown Was a Suspect

In their second conference today, Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson inadvertently dropped a bombshell: Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Michael Brown, was not the same officer who responded to the robbery, and, in fact, did not know that Brown was a suspect in the crime.

Wilson was on a sick call in the neighborhood when dispatch told him about the robbery, but stopped Brown because he and his friend “were walking down the middle of the street, blocking traffic,” he said.

When asked why he released the video of the robbery in light of this revelation, five days after the incident, and before protests and police crackdowns escalated, Jackson replied simply: “Because you asked for it.”

He noted that the shooting itself was still under investigation and that he couldn’t comment on it.

Video below, via CNN:

[Image via screengrab/CNN]

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