Ferguson Police Chief Was Unaware His Town Had ‘This Building Undertow of Mistrust’

Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson told CNN this morning that despite calls for him to be fired over how he handled the Michael Brown protests, he wasn’t going anywhere, and that he’d learned an “awful lot” over the past few days.

For instance: “I learned that I did not know that we had this building undertow of mistrust in that area over there, in the community.”

“You worked with [Missouri Highway Patrol Captain] Ron Johnson,” a stunned Don Lemon said. “You’ve been here what, four and a half years. How could you not know that?”

Jackson defended his tenure as Ferguson Police Chief by pointing to his accomplishments, like establishing a neighborhood watch program and dealing with residential associations, admitting he assumed that everything was fine, race-wise. “All I’m seeing is engagement, and somewhere underneath all that is a growing mistrust that we have to get back.”

Watch below via CNN:

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