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Ferguson Police Rep: Protestors ‘Finally Got What They Wanted — Dead Cops’

Darren Wilson confidant and leader of the St. Louis Police Officers Association Jeff Roorda told Fox & Friends Thursday morning that the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson last night had been what the protestors have been after this whole time.

“I kept hearing yesterday the protesters finally got what they wanted, Chief Jackson stepped down,” Roorda said, referring to Police Chief Tom Jackson’s resignation. “They didn’t get what they wanted when Tom stepped down. They got it late last night when they finally, successfully shot two police officers.”

“Why are you rallying at midnight outside a police station at about something that happened that you should be happy about, the six people forced to resign?” Brian Kilmeade asked. “The Justice Department ruled in a way in which I imagine was right up your alley. What else do you want?” (Fewer police shootings.)

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“Dead cops, that’s what they want,” Roorda said. “Let’s not pretend like they wanted Tom Jackson’s resignation or they’re mad because Mayor Knowles is still there. They want dead cops. That was their goal all along and that was their goal last night.”

Roorda then called for a curfew.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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