Finally! Megyn Kelly Gets Stephen Baldwin To Share His Thoughts On Charlie Sheen

Cable news producers are in a bit of a predicament when it comes to Charlie Sheen. Yes, there are ethical questions raised by enabling the embattled actor’s megalomania with continual coverage, but America’s appetite for “Sheen Mania” still seems insatiable. So what’s a producer to do? At America Live the answer is booking Stephen Baldwin; another embattled actor — though one of a completely different stripe — who ends up giving as insightful a take as anyone else has thus far.

Cynics may watch the interview with Baldwin and quickly reply “not winning” (which is the current parlance of ironically detached media commentators (also known a “Twitter”) but its somewhat refreshing to see Baldwin share his own unique experience in analyzing the media train wreck that is Charlie Sheen, even if his explanation relies heavily on faith and religion (which is not everyone’s cup of tea.)

Watch the clip below courtesy of Fox News.

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