Fiorina Responds to Ann Coulter Despising Her with ‘Hate of a Thousand Suns’

coulter fiorinaAnn Coulter if firmly in Donald Trump‘s corner, especially where immigration is concerned, and she didn’t particularly care for Fiorina’s position on birthright citizenship.

In case you needed a refresher, Trump supports an end to birthright citizenship. Fiorina does not.

This led Coulter to say that she despises Fiorina with “the hot, hot hate of a thousand sons” and that she can’t stand “affirmative action among Republicans.”

Fiorina was on MediaBuzz with Fox’s Howard Kurtz today, and at one point Kurtz asked her to respond to those comments from Coulter.

Fiorina sighed and said they speak for themselves, highlighting Coulter recently saying she doesn’t care if Trump performs abortion in the White House

You can watch the full Fox segment below, via Fox News:

And you can listen to Coulter’s comments here, via The Mike Gallagher Show:

[image via screengrab]

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