Fiorina Wishes Trump Would Go After Hillary More: I Sometimes Feel Like I’m The Only One

PicMonkey-Collage-FiorinaAs Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump have competed with each other for the Republican nomination, the GOP’s sole female candidate has seen numerous points of agreement and disagreement with the bombastic celebrity plutocrat. As far as Hillary Clinton is concerned however, Fiorina thinks that if Trump ought to be attacking anyone, it should be her.

Fiorina appeared on Fox & Friends this morning, where Ed Henry asked for her thoughts about whether Clinton would be reviving her “war on women” argument as a way to hit Trump while livening up her campaign’s recent trail behind Bernie Sanders. To this, Fiorina brought up Clinton’s comparison of Iran deal opponents to terrorists, while saying that she sometimes feels like the only GOP candidate truly going after Clinton’s controversies.

“For heaven’s sakes, I actually wish Mr. Trump would throw a little more heat Hillary Clinton’s way,” Fiorina said. “I feel sometimes as though I’m the only candidate who’s consistently been critical of her.”

Fiorina elaborated on her point by listing several of Clinton’s more controversial points dragging down her campaign, and saying that the “war on women” was Clinton’s signature method of distracting concerned critics from her problems.

“Mrs. Clinton has lied as Secretary of State about Benghazi, about her e-mails, about her server,” Fiorina said, “and so when she revives this war on women, and make no mistake, she will, this is her go-to line.”

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