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Fired Trump Campaign Manager Comments on Resigned Trump Campaign Manager

Screen-Shot-2016-08-19-at-11.56.33-AM-650x435Now that Paul Manafort is out of the Donald Trump campaign as of Friday morning, it was inevitable that CNN would have their very own Corey Lewandowski — the campaign’s first manager — on to discuss the developments.

Lewandowski has held a peculiar relationship with the man who replaced him on the Trump team, and that was even before he was let go a few months back. Lewandowski approved of the Trump campaign’s shake-up earlier this week, and today, he told Kate Bolduan that the resignation is yet another sign that the campaign is ready to buckle down and get on message.

Bolduan eventually asked Lewandowski about how Manafort’s resignation made him feel, particularly after an odd retweet he issued that made it seem like he was delighted by his replacement’s ouster:

Lewandowski said he just thought the tweet was “funny” before he went back to applauding the Trump campaign’s new move.

When asked if he thought Manafort was let go because of Trump’s recent drop in the polls, Lewandowski was more of the opinion that it was because their approaches and visions didn’t mesh with one another the way it does with new heads Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway.

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