First Look: Piers Morgan’s New Set On CNN (And First Week’s Guests)

For decades, Larry King‘s iconic set–perhaps best described as a “Lite Brite map of the world” was as recognizable as the host himself. As CNN prepares to launch a new host into King’s 9 p.m. timeslot, much has been mentioned about the set, which will incorporate the ability for host Piers Morgan to have a live studio audience.

Morgan got his first look at the new set over the weekend, and Piers Morgan Tonight executive producer Jonathan Wald released a photo of the set via Twitter this morning:

Gone is King’s dark-with-colored-dots set, replaced by a brightly lit set with whites and blues. The first week of guests for the show, which debuts with Oprah Winfrey next Monday, include Howard Stern on Tuesday, Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday, Ricky Gervais on Thursday and George Clooney on Friday.

It’s debatable whether that lineup represents a string of high profile gets–or, aside from Stern, whether anything “dangerous” will happen. But Morgan insists his interview style will be the key, and he promises to wrench great interviews out of every guest. We’ll see what viewers think next week. One area of potential concern: the person on the set with Morgan in the tweeted set photo? That’s Billy Bush.

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