“First TV Journalist In Iraq” Reflects On The War As Combat Phase Winds Down

With the last combat brigade rolling out of Iraq, this major, lengthy phase of the war is coming to a close.

Today Greg Kelly was back on Fox News to talk about his experience as “the first TV journalist to enter Iraq” on April 5, 2003 when the war officially began.

“It’s wild to hear that sounds again,” said Kelly after hearing some of the clips of his 2003 reporting. “I remember saying ‘we’ll be here for awhile.’ I remember that moment very well.”

Martha MacCallum asked Kelly if he thought, when he left in May 2003, that the war would be winding down. “We really wanted it to be over, but of course it wasn’t,” he said. Kelly returned in 2003 and 2005 to cover the war in Iraq. He also said he isn’t sure yet how President Bush will be remembered for the decision to go to Iraq in the first place, and the subsequent strategy.

Kelly had been an anchor and reporter with Fox news before moving to the local New York FOX affiliate. He currently hosts the morning show Good Day New York.

Here’s the interview:

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