‘Fit Mom’ and ‘Curvy Girl’ Clash on CNN Over ‘Fat Shaming’ and Anti-Obesity ‘Hate Speech’

Fitness guru Maria Kang, best known as “Fit Mom,” generated controversy again this week when Facebook temporarily banned her for posting “hate speech” in the form of a rant aimed at a lingerie company asking plus-sized women to post photos of themselves in lingerie to demonstrate what “real women” look like. The owner of that company and Kang squared off Saturday morning on CNN.

Kang, who became well-known after her controversial “What’s Your Excuse?” photo went viral, explained to CNN that she was “peeved” about how Chrystal Bougon‘s Curvy Girl Lingerie was “encouraging” obesity by asking plus-sized women to post those photographs.

Bougon, however, explained that she reported Kang’s post to Facebook and got her temporarily banned because “we do not allow any kind of shaming” or “hate speech” on her page. The pair battled over whether plus-sized pride puts self-image ahead of health, and whether you can actually gauge someone’s health based on their body weight.

Watch below, via CNN:

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