Five-Year-Old Geography Expert Shades Donald Trump on Ellen

Meet Nate, the adorable pre-schooler who perfectly shaded President Donald Trump on Ellen this week. He’s a geography expert, and according to host Ellen DeGeneres, he can “pretty much identify any place in the world.”

His favorite state is Missouri because it starts with the letter “M,” and in addition to knowing everything about maps, he draws them as well. He showed Ellen one map and pointed out Antarctica, on which he drew a penguin and a melting iceberg.

“What’s this right here?” asked Ellen, pointing to the top right corner of the map.

“That’s Russia,” said Nate.

On Russia, he had drawn Trump. When Ellen asked him why, Nate replied, “Because he likes Russia.” The audience gave him a huge round of applause.

Watch the video above.

[featured image via screen grab]

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