Florida AG Pam Bondi Claims Caravan Migrants Bringing Children ‘Shows They’re Not Here Peacefully’


As Fox & Friends turns its coverage to wall-to-wall caravan fear mongering, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi appeared on the show to decry the “violence” of the group moving towards the United States, claiming “they’re here to cause trouble.”

The thousands of Central American migrants, now moving through Mexico, have said they intend to seek asylum when they reach the United States after fleeing violence in their home countries. President Donald Trump has turned the caravan into a midterm elections issue, blaming Democrats for the caravan, which he claims, without evidence, has been infiltrated by “unknown Middle Easterners.”

Bondi, who spends an awful lot of time on Fox News for someone currently serving as attorney general of Florida, said the migrants will be “arrested if they try and breach our country.”

“I’ve seen first hand what comes in to our country from Mexico, from China to Mexico, into our country,” Bondi said. “The heroin, the fentanyl. All the drugs. The gang members. I have seen this as a prosecutor in Florida for years and years.”

“So, we have to protect our borders, And you’re looking at these people, they’re breaking down that fence to get into Mexico. It’s violence. And it’s got to stop,” she continued.

Bondi added that “the fact that they would even risk children being out there with them, that shows they are not here peacefully.”

“We have seen them burning the American flag,” she said. “They are here to cause trouble — I can’t say that for all of them, of course. But we’ve got to protect our country, our citizens and our kids.”

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy added that “it looks like most of them” are going to try and enter the country illegally instead of applying for asylum, “and in many cases try to get jobs.” It’s not clear what he’s basing that on.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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