Florida AG Pam Bondi Describes Being Harassed By ‘Screaming’ Hecklers At Mr. Rogers Movie: They Were ‘An Inch From My Face’

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was confronted by hecklers at the unlikeliest of places — a Mr. Rogers documentary.

It was far from a beautiful day in this neighborhood for Bondi when she went to see the movie and was told in the ticket line that she “was personally ripping babies out of the arms of mothers.”

Then, as Bondi told it to Fox & FriendsAinsley Earhardt, “Three huge guys came up and started probably an inch from my face screaming at me every word in the book, cursing as loud as they could. So then my trooper came up and my boyfriend and I got our tickets, we are headed in and then they ran in and circled me where I could not get in the theater.”

They said to her boyfriend, ‘Hey blue eyes, aren’t you going to protect her?'” she added.

She and Earhardt then discussed California Rep. Maxine Waters‘ assertion that she has “no sympathy” for Trump-aligned officials who are being harassed in public places.

“If she asked people to protest, that’s one thing,” Bondi said. “[But] they are inciting violence. It’s not just yelling at someone and cursing in a public place. They were trying to create a fight.”

“The irony is they didn’t know who their congressman was,” she added later. “They are bullies. I’m not going to be bullied.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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