Florida Man Cites ‘Bush Doctrine’ to Defend ‘Pre-Emptive’ Murder of His Neighbors

The defense team for a man suspected of killing two of his neighbors on Labor Day has cited the use of pre-emptive force, as laid out in the “Bush Doctrine,” as a justification for his actions.

As Florida Today reported this week, the attorneys for Titusville, Fla., resident William T. Woodward filed a motion requesting that he be acquitted of all charges under the state’s “Stand Your Ground” laws, which states that people have the right to self-defense without obligation of retreat from the situation.

According to police, Woodward snuck up on three of his male neighbors during their Labor Day barbecue and proceeded to shoot them. Two of the men did not survive the assault. Woodward’s legal team claimed the victims had posed an “imminent” threat to the gunman because they were calling him names and threatening to “get him.”

Arguing that Woodward reasonably expected an attack from his neighbors, based on their hostile words, the defense team then reportedly cited the “Bush Doctrine,” a phrase that has come to describe the Bush-era policy of “pre-emptive war,” in which the United States maintained the right to depose foreign regimes that posed a potential threat, even if that threat was not immediate in nature.

Watch the report below, via Florida Today:

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[photo via Broward County Jail]

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