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Florida Man Faces Charges For Casually Tossing a Gator Into a Wendy’s Restaurant

PicMonkey-Collage-GatorA South Florida man is learning the hard way that just because his region may be called called Gator Country, it doesn’t mean people want them in their fast food joints.

Joshua James earned the ire of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission back in October, after he was identified as the culprit who threw a three-and-a-half foot alligator through a Wendy’s drive-thru window. Authorities took James into custody yesterday, and he is facing charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, petty theft, and unlawful possession and transportation of the animal.

According to the Washington Post, surveillance footage from the restaurant and a nearby gas station showed James acting strangely in his truck before pulling up early in the morning to order a drink. When he got to the window, James reached back into his truck and threw the gator inside while the attendee was distracted with his order.

While his parents insist that the gator-flinging was part of a prank, James appeared before court this morning and was ordered to stay out of Wendy’s restaurants, not carry any weapons, avoid contact or possession with any animals other than the family dog, and undergo mental evaluations. The alligator was released by officials into a nearby canal shortly after the incident, though it is unclear if he received his vanilla frosty during the incident.

Watch above, via WPTV.

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