Fmr Acting Solicitor General: Trump-Putin Match-Up Like ‘LeBron James Playing Basketball Against My Kid’

On Friday, it was announced that despite the indictment of 12 Russian officials for election meddling, the Helsinki summit between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin would go on, as planned.

Weighing in on the matter during Jake Tapper‘s CNN show, the panel expressed their concerns about the planned meeting, including Trump’s ability to be a worthy negotiator against the current Russian president and former KGB agent.

Former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal noted that when it comes to a Putin-Trump match-up, Trump is grossly outmatched.

“Trump is going into this negotiation with our most sophisticated adversary,” Katyal noted. “Vladimir Putin is not some ordinary guy. This is a sophisticated former KGB agent and Trump is not really any of that. So, this is like LeBron James playing basketball against my kid. This is a frightening, frightening thing.”

CNN commentator Symone Sanders then chimed in, “It should be scary.  But I mean, why are we assuming that Donald Trump is going to do anything different than he’s already done? He told us time and time again where he stands on this.”

She then added: “Donald Trump, even the face of evidence, time and time again, he is on the side of Putin.”

Watch above,  via CNN

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