Jeff Weaver Bashes Hannity to Tucker Carlson: ‘You’re a Smart Guy, I’m Not on Hannity Here’


Jeff Weaver, Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager in his 2016 presidential run, took a shot at Sean Hannity while appearing on Fox News with Tucker Carlson tonight.

“We have got to empower people of all races in this country, frankly, and you know, you cannot ignore the intersection of race and gender, and other things,” Weaver said while debating Carlson about the state of the Democratic Party. “I mean, you’re a smart guy, I’m not on Hannity here, this is a real show. And you can’t ignore those issues.”

“Oh, please,” Carlson shot back in response to the jab against his network’s top talent.

He moved on from the knock on Hannity and Carlson continued debating the fate of the progressive movement:

“I am not ignoring the issues, but the children in your party who are clearly in charge… Do you personally, as a pretty serious guy — I guess a serious guy — get a little bit tired of having to follow inflamed upper middle-class college students who are yelping about identity politics? Don’t you think that it is a distraction from the adult issues or no?”

Weaver responded by accusing Carlson of creating a “false dichotomy” and said “we have to speak to both” issues.

“I am constantly in conflict with those people that think that we only have to talk about one side of this two sided coin,” he added. “We have to talk about the important issues that affect marginalized communities and laying out an economic agenda that is going to uplift people of all races in every zip code in this country.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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