Fmr. Bush Strategist: ‘Abysmal’ We Keep Going to War Without Declaring It

Former George W Bush campaign director Matthew Dowd said on This Week Sunday morn that it was “abysmal” the U.S. kept going to war without declaring war.

The comments came in the midst of a debate over whether the Obama administration should ask for a new Authorization for Use of Military Force (the old one is a little worn) or whether Congress should pass one on its own.

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“The idea that we are going to war and never declaring war is, I think, abysmal,” Dowd said. “The fact that we can put our troops in harm’s way — we actually now have lost 7,000 troops since 9/11, twice as many as we lost on 9/11, but we’re still not willing to have a conversation, a discussion, a debate about whether or not we should declare war.”

“This debate is way long overdue,” he continued. “It’s not really fundamentally about President Obama. It should have happened over the past thirty years. It should happened with President Bush, it should have happened with Clinton over Bosnia, it should have happened with Reagan, it should have happened with the previous President Bush.”

Watch the clip below, via ABC News:

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