Fmr Dem Congresswoman, Trump Lawyer Clash on CNN: Bill Barr Engaging in ‘Cover-Up’ for POTUS


Former New York congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman and former Trump legal counsel Jim Schultz had at it on Wednesday when they appeared on CNN to discuss Democratic efforts to subpoena Robert Mueller‘s full investigative report.

Holtzman argued that the classifications in Mueller’s report ought to be reviewed and that Attorney General William Barr is running cover for President Donald Trump if he doesn’t agree to tell the courts to release it to the House Judiciary Committee

“He is doing nothing of the kind,” Holtzman said. “He is perpetrating, in my view, a cover-up.”

“Cover-up of what?” Schultz responded. “Mueller made his findings of no collusion…This is nothing but theater on the part of the Democratic members of Congress. That’s it. Bill Barr is reviewing this and says he will get back to everyone in mid-April when his review is done.”

Holtzman argued that it was “improper and totally political” of Barr to determine that Trump didn’t commit obstruction of justice, even though Mueller left such judgments for the AG to decide. She pressed through Schultz’s objections by asking “What do you have to hide? Let’s make this public, that’s the whole point.”

“The more you obfuscate, the more words come out to try to cover up what it is, it didn’t work in Watergate. It’s not going to work.”

Schultz responded that it was vital to take executive privilege and classified information into consideration, and he grumbled about Democrats talking of subpoenaing people when Mueller’s report still isn’t out yet.

“Mueller explicitly said on obstruction of justice he’s not exonerating the president,” Schultz said. “Why don’t the Americans have the right to see what evidence he found? Now Congress just wants to waste more money and the people are going to get frustrated with it.”

“What are they afraid of showing the American people?” Holtzman asked. “Why are they fighting so hard to keep this secret?”

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