Fmr. Dem Senator Evan Bayh: Obama Should ‘Disavow’ Priorities USA Ad

Former Democratic Senator (and Governor) from Indiana Evan Bayh appeared on Fox News Sunday this week — and during the show, he offered his take on the controversy surrounding the recent ad released by Priorities USA Action. While President Barack Obama and his campaign have not disavowed the ad, Bayh said it might be “helpful” if they did.

“If we’re going to retain our credibility as Democrats to condemn the other side when they go too far, which they have with regard to the president from time to time, we need to also disavow ads like this,” he said.

Asked whether the president should respond thusly, Bayh said such a response would be “helpful” because it would allow him to “take the high ground” and be in a stronger position to defend himself when he’s the subject of attacks that go too far.

But, Bayh digressed, the real conversation is going to be about substance “at a time when this country desperately needs progress.”

Take a look, via Fox:

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