Fmr Democratic Sen. McCaskill: Does John Bolton ‘Know How Mad People Are at Him’ Right Now?


After the Senate voted to reject calling witnesses at the impeachment trial, the question of John Bolton — whose manuscript made a lot of news this week — came up on MSNBC tonight.

Ari Melber said essentially what the Senate has told the country is “they’re comfortable having John Bolton’s literary editors know more about this national security matter than the United States Senate.”

“Unbelievable,” Nicolle Wallace remarked.

Wallace said it seemed like Bolton had “wind at his back” this week, between reports on what his book details about the Ukraine pressure campaign and how John Kelly was defending Bolton.

Brian Williams pointed out that Bolton could’ve been “bold” and sat down with a journalist to share what he knows, remarking, “there would be nothing like an exclusive interview with Bolton to raise the temperature on this entire proceeding.”

Former Senator Claire McCaskill was a little more direct.

“Does he know how mad people are at him?” she asked. “I just wonder if he has that awareness.”

McCaskill said it’s a “love-hate thing” she feels for Bolton, because as least he has spoken out a little bit about the White House.

She said she understood why Bolton may not want to testify, but it’s “frustrating to most Americans” and “like he’s playing a giant game.”

“It does lend itself to this argument that he’s trying to make money on a book, which hurts his credibility,” she added, “and right now we don’t want his credibility hurt. He’s got real credibility with a lot of people, including Republicans. And the longer he strings this out, I think the worse it is for him.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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