Fmr FDA Chief: Wearing Masks Should Not Be Controversial


Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb took a moment on Face the Nation Sunday morning to emphasize that wearing masks to help reduce the spread of coronavirus should not be controversial, let alone political.

Margaret Brennan asked if states not making masks mandatory are making a mistake.

“Well, I think they’re going to have to. I think it’s a mistake that they’re not doing it now. They’re losing precious time. I think they’re going to have to,” Gottlieb responded.

He went on to dismiss the idea this should be at all political:

“The masking has become controversial. It shouldn’t be. It’s a simple intervention. It’s a collective action we can all take to help protect our fellow citizens, but also protect ourselves and try to reopen the economy safely. I think some people see it as a sort of infringement on their liberty or as a way to cast some scorn on a public health establishment that’s come in for some questions, because people blame the public health establishment for the shutdowns. They blame the public health establishment for some conflicting guidance. I think in other quarters it’s been portrayed as something that, you know, Trump supporters don’t want to wear masks. It’s neither of those things. It’s something that we can do collectively to try to reduce the spread. It’s really all we have and it’s not a very robust tool at that. But it’s a tool that we have and it’s a tool that’s been demonstrated to have an impact if everyone does it or if most people do it.”

Brennan did note that public health officials “did give conflicting messages on wearing masks,” recalling comments from Dr. Anthony Fauci this past week. Gottlieb said that “we should’ve been recommending masks from the outset.”

You can watch above, via CBS.

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