Fmr. GOP Gov. Charlie Crist To Matthews: ‘I’m Proud To Stand With President Obama’

Former Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball on Tuesday afternoon to explain his decision to endorse President Barack Obama and decry what he sees as the GOP’s drift to the “extreme” right.

“I’ve seen the party drift to the right so significantly that it’s at a point now sort of the inverse of Ronald Reagan where I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the party left me,” Crist told host Chris Matthews.

Crist and Matthews then decried what they see as the GOP’s shift rightward on issues like gun control, abortion, and women’s health. “Will Mitt Romney lead the party or will the party lead him?” Crist asked.

On his support for President Obama, Crist said: “When I was a Republican governor, he was obviously a Democratic president, but on issue after issue after issue, President Obama was very helpful to us in education, in the environment, with the handling of the BP oil spill. So many other issues. He tried to give us a bullet train, unfortunately that didn’t work out. But he’s just been a great president and worked hard for the people.”

“I’m proud to stand with him,” he added.

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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