Fmr National Enquirer Editor: David Pecker Gave Trump Org ‘Free Rein’ to ‘Dictate the Coverage’


During an interview with Erin Burnett on Wednesday, former National Enquirer Los Angeles Bureau Chief Jerry George said Donald Trump did indeed wield considerable power at National Enquirer and was, as others have suggested, a “silent editor” who could nix a story he did not like.

“Let’s be clear. You worked there for 28 years. David Pecker was a friend of Donald Trump’s,” the Outfront host probed. She then noted claims that Trump was essentially a silent editor.

“That’s true,” George said.

He then said this: “David Pecker had given the Trump Organization free rein to dictate the coverage, and of course, you know, cover up any unflattering stories about the candidate during the election.”

Burnett then probed further if there were other, yet to be unearthed, catch and release payments.

“There are other instances of this involving other women,” George replied. “And there’s also the Saudi connection that David Pecker has obtained through President Trump.”

Burnett asked him to explain more.

“Well, you know, American Media [parent company of the National Enquirer] put out a Saudi special, a tourism special earlier this year, seemingly out of left field. It was racked at Walmart, and it was a glossy, and it wasn’t the terrain for, as usual, with The Enquirer. And then shortly after that, The Enquirer, bought up, swallowed up its competitor, Bauer publications, so the money came from somewhere. I think it’s suspicious and a lot of people do.”

She then asked George how worried Trump should be tonight after the David Pecker/AMI deal with prosecutors.

“I don’t think that the president is going to be able to wiggle out of it this time. You know? I think this could — this could very well be the beginning of the end,” he said.

“I appreciate your time,” Burnett replied ending the interview before adding George is “someone who obviously sat and edited and looked at these types of things for 28 years.”

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